Program & Topics

Friday Night

6.30 pm  |  Doors Open
Session One7.00 pm

Evidence for the Resurrection
– Sean McDowell

Session Two8.10 pm

– Josh McDowell

Session Three9.00 pm

Q+A Panel
– Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell



8.30 am  |  Doors Open
Session One9.00 am

The Evidence for the Old Testament – the Lodz Scroll
– Josh McDowell

Session Two10:00 am

The Evidence for the New Testament
– Sean McDowell

10:50 am  |  Morning Tea
Session Three11:10 am

What is a Worldview and Why Does it Matter?
– Sean McDowell

Session Four12:00 pm

 Worldview Comparison: Naturalism vs. Christianity
– Rodney Lake

Session Five12:30 pm

 Worldview Comparison: Postmodernism vs. Christianity
– Mark Powell

1:00 pm  |  Lunch

Session Six1:50 pm

 Reaching Generation ‘Z’
– Sean McDowell

Session Seven2:50 pm

Tolerating the Intolerable
– Josh McDowell

3:30 pm | Afternoon Break

Session Eight4.00 pm

Passing Faith Onto the Next Generation – Presentation and Q&A Chat
– Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell

5:00 pm  |  Close of Conference